RPL Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL Recognition of Prior Learning is a type of skills assessment for applicants with Non ICT or insufficient ICT qualifications, or do not hold any tertiary ICT qualifications. The purpose of the RPL assessment is to provide applicants without an ICT educational qualification the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired an equivalent level of knowledge by submit RPL application - ACS Project Report Form and addressing as many of the areas referred to in the Key Areas of Knowledge they consider are covered by their acquired knowledge. Key Areas of Knowledge has been developed from the ACS Core Body of Knowledge as a guide for applicants who have not acquired a formal ICT qualification equivalent to an Australian Degree or Diploma but spent a considerable length of time in professional-level ICT employment and wish to apply for an ICT Skills Assessment via the RPL assessment process.

RPL Application Categories

  1. Applicants with a degree qualification that does not contain ICT content, require a minimum of 6 years of full time professional ICT skilled employment in a field closely related to the nominated occupation ANZSCO Code. Due to the extensive and complex nature of the RPL assessment process, it is not possible to provide an opinion on the qualifications ICT content until the time of RPL assessment.
  2. Applicants with no tertiary qualifications require an additional 2 years of ICT skilled employment (8 years in total) but in this instance the additional 2 years are not required to be relevant to the ANZSCO code.

RPL - ACS Project Report Form

Applicants are required to submit 2 Project Reports through ACS Project Report Form (RPL) for RPL assessment. Each report must provide a detailed description of a career episode in the employment history with sufficient detail of evidence in applying the claimed knowledge in a working situation. Sufficient detail must be provided to demonstrate the depth and breadth of ICT knowledge gained during applicant's ICT employment.